Gardens are for sharing...

A garden is an opportunity to provide sensory, culinary and living space to ourselves and our buzzing, burrowing and twittering friends.

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Eco Friendly Gardening Services in Bristol

Our Enviro Policy - In our projects we aim to..

  • Minimise waste, re-use materials and source locally
  • Substitute high carbon materials and reduce cement use
  • Use naturally durable timbers like Larch and Oak in lieu of pressure treated softwood
  • Design and plant for biodiversity
  • Create and restore habitats including ponds, meadows, green roofs, living walls
  • Harvest rain water, encourage composting
  • Avoid herbicides except in very restricted circumstances. Avoid artificial fertilisers

Eco Friendly Gardening Services in Bristol

Eco-friendly Gardening and Landscaping

Some of our favourite ways to enable humans, flora and fauna to thrive, together...

Planting for wildlife

For your specific outdoor space we can select a range of plants that not only look attractive but are also valuable for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. We suggest alternatives to traditional low diversity lawns, ‘unfriendly’ blooms, and invasive species.

Habitats and feeding stations

We can supply and fit bird and bat boxes that are fit for purpose (some shop bought ones are not).  Chris’ own home has a colony of Swifts that moved into the boxes he built following the loss of their nest holes in his roof when he had a loft conversion.

Ponds, pools and wetlands

Ponds and bogs can add so much to a garden if created with care. They are a sensory pleasure for all ages and a marvellous habitat for many species. They collect rainwater and filter grey water and if you have the ambition and space to go BIG, we can even build you a natural swimming pool.

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows are something of a passion for us. Even a small patch of meadow is a useful addition that can bring such a lot of pleasure when in flower. We are accredited installers for Wildflower Turf

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